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Creating Pathways for Success

An alternative high school programme for students with learning differences and specific learning challenges that combines academics, social interaction, work experience, personal advocacy and life skills.

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Our Students

Our Students

Maplewood Alternative High School is recognized as a leader in teaching adolescents with learning difficulties that include the acquisition, organization, retention, understanding and use of verbal and nonverbal information. These learning difficulties often affect children who otherwise demonstrate average or above-average abilities essential for thinking and reasoning.

Every student at Maplewood is on an individual education plan (IEP). This ensures that courses and strategies are custom fit to the needs and aptitudes of the learner and provide opportunities for each young adult to succeed at her or his own individual pace. Our highly trained and dedicated teaching and tutoring staff help students explore their own unique pathways for learning.

To find out if your daughter or son would be a good fit for Maplewood learn more here.

Inside the Classroom

Inside the Classroom

Maplewood develops the whole person. This endeavour is complex, requiring many people, programs and services to address each student’s unique needs. Most of our classes have a maximum of 15 students. Instruction and daily activities are conducted, for the most part, in small group settings with an approximate teacher to student ratio of 5:1. In addition, students are provided with one on one support when needed to support their success.

Each student has  a personalized programme which is designed to meet her or his individual needs and academic  and personal goals. Through a combination of technology, activities, oral and written work, our teachers actively find ways for each student to succeed. They build upon these successes to make learning attainable, stimulating and rewarding. Our students thrive in this kind of supportive environment.

Working in bright and an spacious classrooms, labs, Arts studios, and specialized learning spaces, Maplewood provides an inviting environment for students to learn and grow.

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

The B.C. Ministry of Education prescribed curriculum is addressed in all instructional areas throughout the high school programme. Materials are adapted and accommodations are made to meet each student’s individual needs. Every student can receive regular, individualized one-on-one tutoring whenever needed and many students have the same tutor for their entire time at Maplewood. This relationship nurtures individual growth, building a foundation for educational success.

Our language and mathematics tutors are trained and certified in the world-renowned Orton-Gillingham Method. This multi-sensory method engages learners visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. The learning sequence is systematic and takes the student step-by-step from basic concepts that progress to more complex languages functions.

Academic tutors with specialties in English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science are dedicated to support students in subject specific areas of need.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

A key part of our programme is to help students to develop into self-confident and positive adults. Our professional counseling staff members work in small groups and with individual students to foster the values and personal attributes to carry them forward in life.

In addition to their personal development, students are introduced to a wide range of employability skills including: readiness for work; resume writing; interview skills; expectations of the workplace; etc.

Academic Options at Maplewood Alternative

Academic Options at Maplewood Alternative

At Maplewood, we offer a diverse academic programme that allows students to pursue an appropriate path differentiated to their needs and goals. The core academic programme meets the prescribed learning outcomes required by the BC Ministry of Education. Core courses are offered at Maplewood include: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and the Sciences.  Students have the option of attaining their Dogwood or Evergreen diplomas in preparation for university/college or preparing themselves for the world of work through our Skills Passport and work placement programmes.

The programme is based on a combination of academic options; individualized and small group instruction; job shadowing and cooperative education placements; and specialized skills-based electives such as music, computer programming; culinary arts; woodworking; and, photography/movie making etc.

We believe that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and students at Maplewood Alternative use the rich resources of the larger community to develop their skills and expand their personal horizons.

For more detail on our high school curriculum, click here .


Our Story

Maplewood Alternative High School is an extension of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School for students of high school age and has been built on our experience of over forty years of working with students with learning differences.

Maplewood Alternative is dedicated to providing a personalized learning environment for students with learning needs and preferences that are not typically addressed in a traditional school setting.


At Maplewood, we believe:

That all students should have the opportunity to maximize their individual potential;

That education is a journey and that students should have the power to follow their own individual paths to success; and,

That school should strive to adapt to the needs of students, not students to the needs and structures of school.


Who Should Apply?

Maplewood Alternative High School occupies a unique position among independent schools that specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities, being the first of its kind in Western Canada. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve determined that the following attributes are required of a potential student:

  • Complete a current psycho-educational assessment which indicates a language-based learning disability;
  • Meet the Ministry of Education guidelines for designation of a learning disability;
  • Have average to superior intelligence;
  • Demonstrate that the primary impediments to the student’s learning process are learning differences. Any behavioral, physical or emotional issues must be of secondary concern.

Maplewood is a “school of second choice”. If your first choice of school, public or private, has not met the needs of your child we invite you to consider an alternative. If your child meets the above criteria, please contact us today for a tour with the Head of School.

Gala Acquisition Lead Needed



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Ski/Board Program Sign-Up

Information and forms have been sent out regarding sign-up for the Ski/Board Program which runs for four (4) Thursdays on

There are only 80 spots available. If siblings are joining a student, please complete a separate form but include the student name.

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Toddler to Teen Parenting Solutions Course

Sharon Selby, a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has worked with KGMS is offering a course “Toddler to Teen Parenting Solutions” available as PDF, MP3 audio or MOV movie files.

Deadline to register is 11:59 pm on Friday, December 2nd.

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Purdy's Fundraiser 2016

Order forms for our annual Purdy’s fundraiser went home with students this week (check backpacks). The school receives 25% back from all orders and it’s an easy way to complete your Christmas shopping.

To order online, go to and sign in if you have a previous account or Create an Account. Follow the instructions on the order form. You may also complete the order form inside the catalogue and return it to the teacher.

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Gift Cards Christmas 2016

This is the last chance to order gift cards before Christmas. Order forms and details were sent home with students (check backpacks).

Check out the specials to save money!

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Parent Education Night

Join us in the Library from 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday, December 1st for this special Parent Education Night:

Parents of highly sensitive children know both the beauty and the challenge of parenting. Children who take in more of their world are often gifted and intense and are prone to being misunderstood by others. How do we guide our sensitive, intense children to becoming all that they can be…Denise will share with you her own journey as a parent and how she helps others.

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Parent Pub Night - November 24th

The MPC is organizing a Parents Pub Night at Seymour’s Pub at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 24th.

Tickets can be purchased in the Office.

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Book fair results

We reached our goal of selling over $3000 worth of scholastic product! In total, we sold $3,836 in product, so we earned $2,300 in product rewards.

Product rewards will be spent on new titles for the library, subject specific books for divisions, and digital texts subscriptions.

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Gala FAQ

What is the KGMS Bursary Fund?

Who can attend the Growing Hearts & Minds Gala?

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Ski/board forms due

Forms for the ski/board program sign-up are due to the Office on Monday, December 5th with payment (may be postdated to January 15th, 2017).

Purdy's order pickup

Purdy’s orders will be at the school for pickup on Friday, December 9th.

Gift card orders

Gift card orders will be at the school for pickup the week of December 12th.

Report Cards Home - December 12th

Report Cards will be sent home on Monday, December 12th.

Christmas Sing-Along

The annual KGMS Christmas Sing-Along will be in the gym at 1:30 pm on Thursday, December 15th. Family members are welcome to join us for this fun event.

Last day before break - December 16th

The last day before our Winter break is Friday, December 16th.

Winter Break 2016-17

The school will be closed from December 17th until January 8th for our Winter break.

Purdy's Orders Due

Purdy’s order forms and online orders are due by Thursday, December 1st.

Pickup: Friday, December 9th

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First day back 2017

The first day back after our Winter break is Monday, January 9th.

Pro-D Day - February 10th

Students will not attend on Friday, February 10th as this is a Provincial Pro-D day.

Family Day 2017

The school will be closed on Monday, February 13th for the Family Day holiday.

Pancake breakfast - February 14th

Students and staff will enjoy fluffy pancakes and other yummy items at our Annual Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday, February 14th. There will also be lots of Valentine activities.

Growing Hearts & Minds Gala 2017

The Growing Hearts & Minds Gala takes place on Saturday, February 25th at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver.

For details, click “Attend Gala” on the home page menu.

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Progress Report Writing Day - March 3rd

Students do not attend on Friday, March 3rd as this is Progress Report Writing Day.

Last day before Spring Break - March 10th

The last day before Spring Break is Friday, March 10th.

Spring Break 2017

The school will be closed from March 11th to 26th for Spring Break.

First day after Spring Break - March 27th

The first day back after Spring Break is Monday, March 27th.

Progress Reports home - March 29th

Progress Reports will be sent home on Wednesday, March 29th.

Parent Conferences - March 31st

Parent/Teacher/Tutor Conferences take place on Friday, March 31st.

There will be no school for students. Students may accompany their parents if they are being observed in tutoring.

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Pro-D Day - April 13th

Students will not attend on Thursday, April 13th as this is a Pro-D day.

Good Friday 2017

The school will be closed on Friday, April 14th for the Good Friday holiday.

Easter Monday - April 17th

The school will be closed on Monday, April 17th for the Easter Monday holiday.

Pro-D Day - May 19th

Students will not attend on Friday, May 19th as this is a Pro-D Day.

Victoria Day 2017

The school will be closed on Monday, May 22nd for the Victoria Day holiday.

Report Writing Day - June 2nd

Students will not attend on Friday, June 2nd as this is Report Card Writing Day.

Sports Day 2017

Students will participate in our annual Sports Day activities on Thursday, June 8th which includes a hot dog lunch.

KGMS has talent show 2017

Our annual KGMS Has Talent Show will be on Thursday, June 15th. Please arrive early.

Family and friends are welcome to join us for what is always a fantastic show!

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Last 1/2 day / Report Cards home 2017

Our last 1/2 day for classroom cleanup and class parties is on Friday, June 17th. Report cards will be sent home also.

Gala hearts-06

Gala 2017

Growing Hearts and Minds Gala 2017
to benefit the
Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School Bursary Fund

Saturday, February 27, 2017
Pinnacle Hotel at The Pier
138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

Reception at 6 pm | Dinner 7:30
Dress Semi Formal

Dr. Christopher Gala Video

KGMS Donation Form 2017

KGMS Gala Ticket Form 2017 V2

Support our Gala

Do you have Gala Questions? Check out Gala 2017 FAQ

For more information, please contact:


Support Us

Maplewood Alternative High School is a non-profit organization, which relies heavily on the generosity of corporate sponsors, alumni, friends, family and community organizations to help finance the ever-increasing costs of providing specialized programming for students with learning difficulties. Your gift will help create a dynamic, supportive educational experience – one that will help each student achieve his or her unique potential.

Please contact us to learn more about the opportunities that your donation can create and to make a donation by cheque or credit card.

To donate by Paypal (no account required), please complete the form below.


Want to find out more?

Prospective students and their parents are welcome to visit anytime.

Please contact Head of School, Dr James Christopher at to arrange for a personal tour and introduction to our programme.

Dr James Christopher - Head of School

Dr James Christopher – Head of School

Maplewood Alternative High School
420 Seymour River Place
North Vancouver V7J 1S8

Tel: 604 985-5224 / Fax: 604 985 4562

Email: Dr. James Christopher, Head of School

Records Requests:

Staff Contact List:  Staff Contact 2016-17 Rev 3



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