At Maplewood Alternative, we educate for life

At Maplewood Alternative, we educate for life

Students at Maplewood are given the opportunity to follow a path that reflects their individual needs and life goals.

To this end, we have three main pathways to student success, and through a combination of direct instruction; online course support; work experience; and one on one tutoring support, students can construct their own routes to their personal life goals such as meaningful work and independence; a specialized trade; or the pursuit of a university or college education.

Come and visit our recently expanded facilities and see how we provide a wide range of academic and life skills options for our students. At Maplewood, there is a place for virtually every learning style and learning preference.

Personalized Instruction

Personalized Instruction

Small group and individualized instruction are provided in all core academic areas. Students are supported to proceed at their own pace and at their own level. Each student is assigned a laptop and has access to a class set of iPads to aid in their personal pursuit of success.

At Maplewood we have a unique plan for each and every student and have the flexibility and highly qualified staff that can put those plans into place.

Multiple Paths to Success

Multiple Paths to Success

Many of our students will graduate with their “Dogwood” diploma, opening doors for College and University.

Some will decide, with the support of our work experience and co-op education opportunities, to pursue a specialized skilled trade.

Others will use the employability and practical life training of our Skills Passport programme to graduate directly into the world of work.

There is no “one size fits all” approach at Maplewood Alternative – the needs of each individual student drives the delivery of the programme.

Practical Life Programme

To provide all students with the skills necessary for everyday life and personal independence such as interpersonal and communications skills; personal financial management; and practical experiences for everyday living.

We have a fully equipped kitchen facility; work working stations; sewing machines and looms for developing the day to day skills needed for independent living.


Who Should Apply?

Maplewood Alternative High School occupies a unique position among independent schools that specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities, being the first of its kind in Western Canada. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve determined that the following attributes are required of a potential student:

  • Complete a current psycho-educational assessment which indicates a language-based learning disability;
  • Meet the Ministry of Education guidelines for designation of a learning disability;
  • Have average to superior intelligence;
  • Demonstrate that the primary impediments to the student’s learning process are learning differences. Any behavioral, physical or emotional issues must be of secondary concern.

Maplewood is a “school of second choice”. If your first choice of school, public or private, has not met the needs of your child we invite you to consider an alternative. If your child meets the above criteria, please contact us today for a tour with the Head of School.

Panoramic and class photos - May 25

The school wide panoramic photo has been rescheduled to Thursday, May 25th. Elementary students are required to wear their full uniform.


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Staff Appreciation Lunch - June 2

The annual Staff Appreciation Lunch is fast approaching and your help is needed!

Go to (Login: KGMS, Password: 4321) to sign up for:

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Spring Book Fair - May 29th to June 1st

Our first Spring Book Fair runs from Monday, May 29th to Thursday, June 1st.

See slide show below for information about the book fair and two contests that students can participate in. Contest entries are due by Monday, May 29th.

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Sports Day - June 8th

A team of teachers are organizing a fun Sports Day for Thursday, June 8th.

More details will follow but here’s a quick look at the day:

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KGMS Has Talent Show - June 15

The theme for the 2017 KGMS HAS TALENT show on Thursday, June 15th is “Music Heals”.  It is a school wide initiative to assist music therapy programs across Canada.  Donations of used iPods or other MP3 players are needed and can be dropped off in the music portable before June 15th.

A cash donation box will also be at the entrance of the gym the day of the show. Check out the link below!

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Tutor List 2017-18

Here is a list of KGMS tutors who also tutor outside of school.

KGMS Tutor List 2017-18

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Parent Volunteer Log

Fillable Parent Volunteer Log:  KGMS Parent Volunteer Log 2016-17 Fillable

Printable Parent Volunteer Log:  KGMS Parent Volunteer Log 2016-17

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Freezie Fridays!

A “Library Renovation Project” is just beginning. Our goal is to create a library space that is inspiring and welcoming.  Funds raised will help pay for new seating, tables, bookshelves and a new coat of paint. We hope the new space will reconnect our students and staff with the love of reading and learning in a space they enjoy.

The first Library Renovation Project fundraiser will be “Freezie Friday’s”!! Freezies will be sold after school for $1.00 each. Organic apples will also be available for $1.00 each.

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Report Writing Day - June 2nd

Students will not attend on Friday, June 2nd as this is Report Card Writing Day.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Our annual Staff Appreciation Lunch is only 1 month away! For those who are new to the school, this lunch is held on the Report Writing Day in June (students are not in attendance), and is our chance as a school to let ALL our wonderful staffknow just how much they are appreciated.  This year the date is Friday, June 2nd, which is coming up in less than 5 weeks! We will be using the Perfect Potluck website again for signing up to help (see information below). How you can help:
  • before the lunch
  • on the day of the lunch (setup, cleanup, serving)
  • providing a food item (can be dropped off the day before)
  • writing a comment on the guestbook at:
There was so much wonderful food last year. This actually means a tremendous amount to all our staff! Another thing that means a tremendous amount to our staff, are the comments we receive from parents, students and other caregivers who have been positively affected by how our staff help our kids all year.  If you want to express how the staff have helped you/your child/your family, please submit your comments on our Guestbook website ( ).  These comments will be displayed at the staff lunch as part of the decor that shows our appreciation. You can also access a link to the guestbook from the Perfect Potluck sign up page. Thank you in advance for helping with this important event! Theresa MPC Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator 

A group meal has been created using, and you’ve been invited to participate!

This group meal is for: KGMS Staff Appreciation Luncheon To occur on Fri, June 2 at 12:00 – 1:30 pm

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Sports Day 2017

Students will participate in our annual Sports Day activities on Thursday, June 8th which includes a hot dog lunch.

Freezie Friday!

The first Library Renovation Project fundraiser will be “Freezie Friday’s”!! Freezies will be sold after school for $1.00 each. Organic apples will also be available.

KGMS has talent show 2017

Our annual KGMS Has Talent Show will be on Thursday, June 15th. Please arrive early.

Family and friends are welcome to join us for what is always a fantastic show!

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Freezie Friday!

The first Library Renovation Project fundraiser will be “Freezie Friday’s”!! Freezies will be sold after school for $1.00 each. Organic apples will also be available for $1.00 each.

Last 1/2 day / Report Cards home 2017

Our last 1/2 day for classroom cleanup and class parties is on Friday, June 17th. Report cards will be sent home also.

Gala hearts-06

Gala 2017

Growing Hearts and Minds Gala 2017
to benefit the
Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School Bursary Fund

Saturday, February 27, 2017
Pinnacle Hotel at The Pier
138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver


A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, Ruby & Cruise for hosting the event, our auctioneer Jeff Schwarz, all of those who secured donations, made donations, bid of auction items. A special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this fantastic evening possible. And to our superb Co-Chairs, Tracey & Eva!

Dr. Christopher Gala Video

For more information, please contact:


Support Us

Maplewood Alternative High School is a non-profit organization, which relies heavily on the generosity of corporate sponsors, alumni, friends, family and community organizations to help finance the ever-increasing costs of providing specialized programming for students with learning difficulties. Your gift will help create a dynamic, supportive educational experience – one that will help each student achieve his or her unique potential.

Please contact us to learn more about the opportunities that your donation can create and to make a donation by cheque or credit card.

To donate by Paypal (no account required), please complete the form below.


Visit or Contact us

Prospective students and their parents are welcome to visit anytime.

Please contact Head of School, Dr James Christopher at to arrange for a personal tour and introduction to our programme.

Dr James Christopher - Head of School

Dr James Christopher – Head of School

Maplewood Alternative High School
420 Seymour River Place
North Vancouver V7J 1S8

Tel: 604 985-5224 / Fax: 604 985 4562

Email: Dr. James Christopher, Head of School

Records Requests:

Staff Contact ListKGMS Staff Contacts 2016-17 Rev 4

Tutors Outside School Hours:  KGMS Tutor List 2017-18



Maplewood Alternative High School are seeking applicants for the following:

Please email resume and cover letter to:

Dr. Jim Christopher, Head of School –

Director of Student Support Services

Intermediate and-or Middle Division Co-Teacher

LTO Middle-Senior High School Math Teacher

Middle-Senior High School Math Teacher


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