our story

Maplewood Alternative High School is an extension of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School for students of high school age and has been built on our experience of over forty years of working with students with learning differences. Maplewood Alternative is dedicated to providing a personalized learning environment for students with learning needs and preferences that are not typically addressed in a traditional school setting. Learn more about our school HERE.

At Maplewood, we believe: That all students should have the opportunity to maximize their individual potential; That education is a journey and that students should have the power to follow their own individual paths to success; and, That school should strive to adapt to the needs of students, not students to the needs and structures of school.

Our Campus

Situated in a semi-rural setting in the Maplewood community in North Vancouver, Maplewood Alternative has a large campus with playing fields and opportunities for outdoor and environmental education. The school has a gymnasium; a creative arts studio; a performing arts cottage; a brand new science lab; and a full library.

The campus also features a large-scale mural that was developed with an award-winning Vancouver artist – Carson (‘Chairman’) Ting – to add a colourful and engaging element to the exterior of the school. The art installation, reflecting Carson’s fun graffiti style, is intended to excite and inspire students. Check out this videodocumenting Carson’s artistic process.

Our Resources

Maplewood is a fully wireless learning environment and we provide individual student laptop computers and iPads to support the teaching and learning process. Each teaching area is equipped with a SmartBoard and full access to online resources and support. In addition to our bright and spacious classrooms and learning spaces, we have a fully-equipped Science Lab; a Creative Arts Centre; a Music and Performing Arts Centre; a gymnasium and large playing fields. At Maplewood we strive to provide a wide range of resources to match every student need and area of interest.

our community

Maplewood Alternative High School is located in the Mount Seymour area of North Vancouver. Our school works in partnership with the local community to provide students with opportunities for co-op work placements; specialized learning environments; and additional fitness and visual and performing arts facilities. In addition, our students take an active role in local environmental clean up campaigns and the elimination of invasive plant species from nearby conservation areas.

our people

Our teaching and support staff are dedicated to providing appropriate learning opportunities and experiences for every student. Our professional Guidance faculty help students to map out their preferred educational and career paths through our Skills Passport programme and we support them in the development of a strong set of employability skills and attitudes for life after school. We also provide additional professional support including on-site special education, literacy and mathematics support staff; a Speech and Language Pathologist; Occupational Therapist and psychologist support.

What We Offer

at maplewood alternative, we educate for life

Students at Maplewood are given the opportunity to follow a path that reflects their individual needs and life goals. To this end, we have three main pathways to student success, and through a combination of direct instruction; online course support; work experience; and one on one tutoring support, students can construct their own routes to their personal life goals such as meaningful work and independence; a specialized trade; or the pursuit of a university or college education. Come and visit our recently expanded facilities and see how we provide a wide range of academic and life skills options for our students. At Maplewood, there is a place for virtually every learning style and learning preference.

personalized instruction

Small group and individualized instruction are provided in all core academic areas. Students are supported to proceed at their own pace and at their own level. Each student is assigned a laptop and has access to a class set of iPads to aid in their personal pursuit of success. At Maplewood we have a unique plan for each and every student and have the flexibility and highly qualified staff that can put those plans into place.

practical life programme

To provide all students with the skills necessary for everyday life and personal independence such as interpersonal and communications skills; personal financial management; and practical experiences for everyday living. We have a fully equipped kitchen facility; work working stations; sewing machines and looms for developing the day to day skills needed for independent living.

multiple paths to success

Many of our students will graduate with their “Dogwood” diploma, opening doors for College and University. Some will decide, with the support of our work experience and co-op education opportunities, to pursue a specialized skilled trade. Others will use the employability and practical life training of our Skills Passport programme to graduate directly into the world of work. There is no “one size fits all” approach at Maplewood Alternative – the needs of each individual student drives the delivery of the programme.