school schedule

Timetable 2019-2020

8:15 am Academic Block 1

9:00 am Academic Block 2

9:45 – 10:00 am Morning Recess (15 minutes)

10:00 am Academic Block 3

10:45 am Academic Block 4

11:30 am Academic Block 5

12:15 – 1:00 pm Lunch (45 minutes)

1:00 pm Academic Block 6

1:45 pm Academic Block 7

2:30 pm Academic Block 8

3:15 pm Dismissal

bus schedule 2019-2020

Bus service is arranged through Lynch Bus Lines for morning and afternoon transportation. Full and Part time fees are prorated for the year. If your schedule alters during the year we will adjust fees based on days used per month (September to June).

Coquitlam/Burnaby/ Vancouver Bus Route

Coquitlam – Sequin Drive at Lucille Starr Way Pick up time 7:10 am Drop off 4:10 pm

North Vancouver Bus Route

Westcot Elementary Pick up time 7:35 am Drop off 3:55 pm

Burnaby – Rugy Club parking lot at Burnaby Lake Clubhouse (Sprott St and Sperling Ave) Pick up time 7:30 am Drop off 3:45 pm

Edgemont AM pickup – at Delainey’s Coffee Shop on Edgemont Blvd PM drop off – across from Artigiano Coffee Shop on Highland Blvd) Pick up time 7:45 am Drop off 3:45 pm

Vancouver – Hastings Community Center Pick up time 7:50 am Drop off 3:35 pm

29th & William Pick up time 7:55 am Drop off 3:35 pm


FULL TIME $260.00 per month (both ways) PART TIME $130.00 per month (one way only) DAILY RATE $16.00 per day (both ways am/pm) $8.00 per day (one way only)