Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Friday everyone!

As we finish our third week of Virtual School at KGMS, we want to take a pause to see how we are all doing and set our sights on the next phase of this new learning experience!

To help in this process we are doing the following:

1. Next Monday (20th) I will be sending you a link to a short online survey about how you (and your child) have been finding the virtual learning experience. This survey has been prepared by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, of which KGMS is a member, and will be tabulated remotely by a survey firm in Toronto. We will get our results a few days after that which I will share with you and, eventually, we will get national and regional results for comparison purposes;

2. Next Wednesday (22nd) we will be having a “Wellness Wednesday” during which the whole school will be offline for most of the day. Teachers and tutors will be posting some suggested fun learning activities for the day, and we are encouraging everyone to be as active as possible to take a break from being tied to a computer screen.

Teachers and tutors are going to take the day to collaborate and to plan and prepare materials for the next three weeks. The only “formal” scheduled event for that day will be a virtual Elementary School Assembly at 1 p.m. Ms. Wallis will be sending out a link for that next week.

Have a super weekend! Jim